Love is love forever.

One of my oldest friends named Kevin Popp from Canonsburg Pa went missing a few days ago from a home that he ended up living in. He’s suffered some mental struggles as he got older. I haven’t seen him in years. 36 years ago before I had my oldest child, he and I were coffee buddies. We’d rise around 5 a.m. and he’d come over for coffee. I had a 5 story Italian built house on Perry Como Avenue that I was buying from a nice Italian man named Carmen Naccarato who gave me a bottle of homemade wine every time I’d pay mortgage. I always got tomatoes from his wife and wine. I miss those days. Kevin lived in Alexi Kusturiss’s apartment building right across from me. We really got close. No shenanigans or anything just pure friendship that ended up being true love. He always said he wanted to marry me. At first I thought he was joking. He was the son of one of council members in Canonsburg, Pa. Her name was Jean Popp. I liked her. She wasn’t liked by some people because she was smart and more intelligent than her male counterparts expected. She was no joke and she knew how to get stuff done.

Kevin and I went our separate ways after a while. Years went by. He got worse and I began to have children and move on in life. He had huge blue eyes that opened really wide but they squinted like half moons when he’d laugh. His mom was Italian and Russian and I think his dad was Polish.

Anyway here is the recent picture of him from his sister Leslie when he was missing. He doesn’t look like himself here. I sure miss him.

I had posted about a night visitation that I had days ago and Kevin’s sister posted under it about him crying when she read my post to him about him being my friend. I think she posted that way for privacy maybe, but here’s the post she made hidden under my vision post.

Of course, that brought me to tears as well. Sometimes the world 🌎 goes on whether you are ready or not. Things change and people move, leave or die. But we have to keep on keepin’ on as they used to say in the 70’s. Good 👍 but it can also break your heart. It’s nice to know that somewhere down in his heart, Kevin remembers me.



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