Good Friday Morning! 04-15-22

Good Friday morning! 04-15-22. May this day bring you all good things and may the blood of Jesus cover you and bring all the blessings from the throne of the most high God straight to your household, family and friends in Jesus name.

The Lord says, “With Resurrection Sunday approaching I want all of you to be free in my son’s name, free in Christ Jesus. There are many who will not accept Jesus as being my son and those are the ones who are highly fooled and have been blinded by the evil one. Pray for them because they are souls and my son died for all souls. Accept Jesus as your Savior and you will experience a freedom unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced before in your life. There is a difference between earthly matters and heavenly matters. There is a difference between the natural and the spiritual realm. Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard the things that I have for you. The more you worship me the less time you have to make mistakes and fall for the wiles of the enemy. If I be lifted up from the Earth I will draw all men unto me. Be a lamplight to the World saith the Lord your God.” Amen.

John 12:32

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations


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