I am proud of my neighbors Karen and Jan.

I am proud of my friend and neighbor Karen. She is like a mother to her horses. This horse is beautiful. He watches me when I stand at the door with my morning coffee. He's huge. 🙂 #Blessed #angels #friends http://ustrottingnews.com/tsm-photo-bugger-set-to-retire-after-345-starts-all-for-single-owner-training-tandem/?fbclid=IwAR1FtPu-HUMGJuRl9Szk7r4JoOd7QA2L5mLF8VPxFy0f-jQTv-HfbCd2RWA


Fam time!

My handsome nephew Randy, his wife Tracy and their daughter (who wasn't present) and my sister Paula came to visit me on Christmas and it was outstanding. God is doing a fantastic miraculous movement in my family of which I am very grateful. Our father God in heaven, the creator of all things, the King … Continue reading Fam time!

Good Wednesday morning! December 29, 2021

Smile and praise the Lord with the dawning of this new day. Be thankful that He is who He is in our lives. Be prepared for his bountiful measure of good things that he has to give to his children. As His Children we are content and appreciative. Father, You've given each of us a … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning! December 29, 2021