Dream 5/6/21

I was in a Chinese Store with many awesome things in it. Closed in a bit, not so big but beautiful. I saw something that looked like a brown clock with beautiful designs in it but it turned out to be stickers hanging on a rack. My daughter and I both saw it thinking that it was a clock. A tall Caucasian man worked for them. He kept watching me. I purchased a couple of things. They had been watching me closely as I sat in a restaurant with my daughter. When I finally did go to their store (on purpose because they had been watching me,) the lady owner rushed around checking me out being overly friendly to the point that she forgot to charge or didn’t want to charge me, for two long articles that I had in my hand that looked like walking sticks or Shepherd’s staffs. I remember feeling satisfied after leaving there.

Was in a boarding home with older ladies who were nice but one started a lot of trouble and they didn’t like her. She finally moved. An apartment building type (one floor building.) My apartment was on the end and I could see everyone else’s activity from there. Water was on the floor of one apartment into the hallway. Some kind of water accident had happened.

I remember seeing a rifle magazine type of gadget that took even numbers of cartridges until the last one that was a single cartridge with 2 batteries (?) in it/them. It folded out on top all by itself like the head of a flower or something. Oblong magazine that took 12 cartridges. 2 each together 3 times (6) until you get to the top and there, the last one unfolded from the magazine a bit so that you can put the last cartridge in. I can only explain it in physical form as being like a huge remote control that took 12 batteries, 2×2 with the last one in a separate compartment.

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