Don’t live your life like a soap opera

Sometimes people have so many things going on in their lives that they can’t see up from down, beginning from end, or side from side. They are doing too much, they’re hanging around too many people, and there are a myriad of voices around them and they don’t know which one to pay attention to. The voice that we should be listening is the voice of the most high God. How can they hear God clearly when they have too many other voices coming to their ears? And they will tell you if you just stop and listen to them.

We have to be laser focused and not include anything else that is unimportant for the good success of our Lives. We have to stay focused on the message which is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for mankind.

It seems like humans barely want to give credit to Jesus for what he did for us. There’s so much competition going around in the world that instead of us giving Jesus kudos for what he has done for us we want to claim it for ourselves and that is very unwise. Those who do things like that are the ones who are thinking about the ‘here and now’ and not thinking about our new life in heaven and down on this new Earth that God is about to give us.

If you watch a soap opera you will see that everybody knows everybody, everybody’s been with everybody, nobody is important, and everybody is out for vengeance. There are a lot of quips and quirks and it seems like nothing that people say on there is worth a dime. Everybody is out for vengeance or Tit for Tat, love never lasts long. Is that how our lives are? Tit-for-tat? Love never last long with us because we don’t take out time to get to know one another. People always want the newness of a relationship but they know don’t know what to do to keep the relationship and some people don’t even want to keep the relationship. Some people just go around breaking hearts. Some people have a doggy style. They are not interested in certain people until they find out that those people are interested in you. Have you ever had that happen? As soon as someone shows you a little bit of attention all of the crows circle around. Did you know that crows remember faces? They will find you no matter where you go, and will attempt to hinder your progress if you let them.

Same as Jesus huh? The Pharisees and Sadducees always watched Him. You know why they do that? They KNEW that He had the Power. I believe that’s why they do it to us too. They just don’t want to admit it, but they know we are packed with spiritual power. And sometimes other people know it more than we do. Don’t ever be afraid to own up to the power that God has given you. He gave it to you to bless his kingdom. Never fail him no matter what you do, don’t ever fail him.

Rev. Essie



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