It is so wonderful to be trusted by the Lord

As some of you may know New Birth Ministries had our New Birth Country Get Together 2021 this past Saturday which was the fourth of September and it was outstanding. We had so many gifts one for another and we had so much food that every person that came went home with an arm full of food. God is good. In fact my daughter just ran some more food over to our neighbor who allowed the children to see her horses and chickens. She and another neighbor came over and listened to our outside church service and played horseshoes and badminton with the children. The children had a beautiful time period we had one 10 year old boy that enjoyed the service and got prayed on. He had never experienced a church service of any kind. He came up and asked for prayer. Even if that gathering was just for that one soul, that one child, it was well worth it. I understand that there were some who didn’t think that I could pull something like that off, you know how you “hear things,” the thing about it is, they were so right. Only God can pull something like that. By the way the picture of the two males walking in the grass is my friend Ed and the 10-year old boy that wanted to get prayed on named Marc Anthony. They were having a wonderful time.

If I had anything to do with it it would be to remain a servant of the most high God. And I give him all the glory. Our praise and worship echoed throughout the hills where I live.

We did communion. I led it of course. We sang praise and worship. Even my neighbor’s dog joined in and did his little barking and had a good time. The pastor that delivered the word did a beautiful and anointed job so much that after it was over I began to receive reports that it was like she was in certain people’s kitchens or living rooms. She had been preaching on things that only certain people knew in privacy. She had been mentioning things that were private to certain people there. You know that had to be God.

People are asking me when I’m going to have the next one. Actually some people want me to have it next month. I will not have one next month. I actually intended for this to be a once a year event IF that. I would like to have it at the beginning of the Jewish high holy days if that is God’s intention. We have to do what God tells us to do and not our own will. You never know he may have just pulled all of that together for that one ten year old boys soul. When God calls you to do a thing make sure you’re doing it for him only. I had a wonderful time.

Everyone who came are still posting a day later about the joy, and the fun that they had Saturday. I give God all the glory and I give him all the praise, period.

Reverend Esther R Scott


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