Waiting on my internet……

Good morning loved one!
God is still high and sitting on his throne.

Some of you may already know that I moved within the last couple of months into a place that is a bit countrified. It is beautiful. The only thing is sometimes I have a hard time getting on the Internet as in waiting for approximately an hour. You know every morning I do my good mornings which is something that I love to do and add a little scripture to it. It is 8:13 and I have been sitting here since around 7:10 trying to do my good morning.

God is so good I like to share him in every way that I can. And I hope that you do the same thing. Don’t let the devil stop you. He will try to put things into your mind to make you think that you’re just wasting time but we all know the devil is a liar. When my computer finally came on I had actually begun to put “Good Thursday Morning!” with the date and my electric just went off and came back on real quick like nothing happened. It was like the devil just said “Oh no you’re not.”

Sometimes you just have to laugh when things happen because it’s just so strange. As long as I’ve been here I never saw that happen before. The electric literally ‘clicked’ as I was typing my good morning. When these things happen you just have to learn how to keep going and find another way. God always has an Open Door and his name is Jesus.

I was looking at a candle holder that I had bought years ago from an Israeli company online and I decided to put a candle in it. I cleaned it up a little bit and lit the candle. As the candle was glowing it reminded me of our God who is so bright and wonderful and beautiful. I’m actually glad that I had this time to do this. In fact I even took advantage of this time and did Communion as well which was outstanding. You know, sometimes when things happen to us we have to take advantage of that time. The Bible says redeem the time. Learn to redeem the time. Jesus is coming back but we have to do what we have to do for the kingdom of God and set our flesh aside.

With the kind of life that I had, I always had to have patience because there was always someone or something trying to hinder me from getting things done. 🙃 And they try to make you think that you are pushy. No, I am not pushy, when I want something I want it. Well, maybe a little perhaps?

I will end this now because I think I can get back online I’m not sure but I want you to remember this, patience is always a blessing. Just like we’re waiting on Jesus, have patience and it will pay off. God bless you and thanks for reading this have a beautiful day.

Rev Essie

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