A testimony about how God once saved me.

Ok, been wanting to testify about this for 4 years. When I moved into the place that I just left out of in Pittsburgh, Colette CJ Jackson and C Butch Jackson came to visit. They are faithful in checking on me and praying for me.

They liked it but she gave me a #Prophetic tip. She said that it was nice but God was showing her something about electric. I will never forget that. She told me to be careful and check the electric. Sure enough, we began to have electrical problems and if you all remember, I put pics on where there was an electic plug ‘box’ UNDER the jacuzzi when we needed the jacuzzi replaced. Get this…..a LIVE electric ‘plug box.’ And the lights started to flicker a bit amongst other things. Imagine if that jacuzzi spilled water WHERE that electric plug was. I know, my haters out there are mad because the devil didn’t get me right? Lol.

Cj brought that up “out of the blue” as though God was speaking to her. That was not a ‘lucky’ guess….that was God.

Appreciate all of the Prophets and Prophetesses in your life. God sent them there for a reason. I know that I do.

P.S. I posted this because I like to give credit where credit is due, God and Cj Jackson. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did that?

God bless. Essiehttps://revessie.com/2021/02/20/a-testimony-of-how-god-once-saved-me/

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