Angels are movers and shakers too

Earlier, my daughter and I was moving a huge Queen box spring from one floor to the other and got stuck at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn’t get around the corner and every time my daughter and I tried, we could have possibly broken the window out. It had been broken by someone before I moved in, I didn’t want to be the one to break it again. That would have been horrible.

We were about 1 inch from breaking out the window. We decided to sit down a while and rest. She went her way and I sat and pondered, nearly exhausted. It kept bothering me as I watched it just sitting on the last 7-8 stairs. I got up relentlessly attempting to move it either around the stairs or to throw it up over the last 3 landings where you can place plants, pictures, etc. Not sure what they are called. I just knew that I could do it. The third one is behind the box spring, you can’t see it but it’s there.

Anywhoo….the box spring got stuck about 1″ from busting out the window. I pushed my body in between the box spring and the glass and cried, “Lord, please don’t let me break this window?” And I tell you the truth, the box spring miraculously unstuck and slid down far enough so that I could slowly ease it past the corner of the window. I just stopped and said, “Thank you Lord! Everytime!” I cried out of joy, “You do it for me every time!” Just then I thought I heard my daughter and called her name. She said, “I heard you. You were thanking God and said ‘everytime,'”

Folks, I know that God’s hand was in it. This was a miracle. There was no way that the box spring should have ever gone over or around that area. God or one of his mighty angels made a way when there seemed to be no way. Isn’t that what the song says?


Baruch Hashem


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3 thoughts on “Angels are movers and shakers too

  1. God will make a way,
    When there seems to be no way,
    He works in ways we cannot see,
    God will make a way for me…

    Thanks for sharing. 🤗


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