I am free and you can be free too.

I’ve been through a lot of things in my lifetime and no matter what happens to me God always has me come out smelling like a rose. He is such a wonderful God. I cried the other day thinking about how Jesus is still saving me and delivering me from things that he’s already saved and delivered me from. The Bible says that Jesus sits on the right hand of God praying for us. A lot of people don’t know that. That means that when we get into trouble he stops it from happening, or he lightens our load so to speak.

God is so good that he gives us things that we really don’t even deserve. The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust which means that your enemies are going to get the nice cool rain as well. This is why Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies. Someone prayed for us. Our job is to talk to the people of the world and tell them about the goodness of Jesus Christ the same way that someone told us about him.

I used to be a product of the world sinning, doing whatever I wanted to do with no vision whatsoever. I was just stumbling through life, floating like a ghost through the atmosphere. No plans nothing. And then came Jesus who saved my soul. Knowing him now is a life-changing experience. If you claim to be a Christian and nothing changed in your life then you are only talking with your mouth but not loving him with your heart. As he says in his word you are only giving “lip service.”

A lot of us don’t like to admit it but some of us are free from ourselves. We are not always free from someone else, or something else, sometimes we are free from our own traps, devices, and self-sabotage.

If you don’t know Jesus just tell him this, “Jesus forgive me of my sins, I believe in you and I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I believe that you died on the cross just for me and rose three days later, just for me. I love you Jesus. Thank you for loving me. Amen.”

If you just said that welcome to the family of God. Go find a bible-believing, tongue-talking Holy Ghost church and learn of him. Everything that you did before this moment, God has thrown it as far as the East is from the West. It is gone let it go, and forgive yourself. And one thing, never let the devil bring it back to you that’s called “condemnation.” The devil condemns but the Holy Spirit convicts there is a difference. The Holy Spirit loves you and will help you because he is your teacher. He is a part of the Triune God that Jesus sent down to take his place. You now have the power of God within you, you are the new ark my friend. You are free.

God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you his grace give you his peace and he will bless all those who put his name upon Israel. Which means those who are grafted in as well.

Have a beautiful day, a beautiful week, a beautiful weekend, a beautiful household, a beautiful family and a beautiful life because you are now a child of the most high God. Thank you for listening and or reading God bless.

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