Blessed Tuesday Morning! 6/15/21

In our lives Lord be glorified. We worship and adore you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we bless you. Thank you for a new day. We pray that all of our loved ones arose to your Glory as well.

We pray for all those today that need prayer and we thank you for our relationship with them. You were the first and the last the Alpha and the Omega, you are the only one who would love us fully and give us whatever we need and give us whatever we want and for that we thank you. Cause us to keep our mind stayed on Jesus and tell others about him so that they too can be set free the same way that you set us free. Use us, guide us and thank you for loving us. For all those that are sick and shut in we left them up to you.

For anything or anyone that would come against us we pray for them as well because we know the enemy is using them to hurt us and to break our hearts. Cause us to exercise perseverance and patience and see that we are to pray for the world. For all of those that are practicing witchcraft, astral projection or any type of evil we pray for their souls that they may turn to Jesus and see the light.

We pray for the little children who think that they are hidden away who are being used sexually or as slaves we pray for the salvation of their souls and their bodies minds hearts and spirits. Jesus you told the disciples to suffer not and let the little children to come onto you which lets us know today, this day, that you love children and they are very important to you in the kingdom of heaven. We pray for all of the parents around the world who lost children as well and we ask father God that you replace those that they lost in the loving way that you would do so.

In your words JESUS you spoke a lot about finances which means that you want your children to do well so therefore I prophesy this day that whoever is reading this or listening to our Podcast will receive a large amount of money within the next 30 days in your holy name Jesus, amen.

The Lord bless the and keep the Lord make his face to shine upon the and be gracious unto thee. Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel and I will bless them.

This is the Aaronic prayer that God gave us himself. It is saying that the priests recite that God makes himself available to you and he will bestow upon you his promises and gifts. And that he guards you with a hedge of thorny protection that will prevent Satan and all your enemies from harming you. May he protect your body, soul, mind, and spirit, your loved ones and all of your possessions. May he illuminate the wholeness of his being toward you continually bringing you to order, so that you will fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose. May he provide you with perfect love and fellowship and give you sustenance, provision, and friendship. May he lift up and carry his fullness-of-being toward you meaning that he is supporting you with his divine embrace and his entire Being. May he set in place all that you need to be whole and complete so you can walk in victory, moment by moment, by the power of the Holy Spirit. May he give you supernatural health, peace, wealth, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfection, fullness, rest, harmony, as well as, the absence of agitation and discord.

And amen.

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