Wednesday Fast For Addicts (Prayer) 6/9/21

Father God we thank you for loving us and sending Jesus to die on the cross for us, saving us from sin, Hell and death and sometimes ourselves. We are fasting today for addicts of all types: alcohol addicts, drug addicts, pornography addicts, relationship addicts. I rebuke the spirits that are coming for people causing them to always drawn back to the muck and the mire that you want to pull them out of.

It’s hard for people to stop. It’s hard for them to stop doing what the flesh wants to do. So today during this fast, this afternoon lunch fast, and some may even be fasting longer we are asking for your power to accelerate in the lives of addicts everywhere, and strengthen their spirits to see that it is the God that shared His Son on the Cross Who loves them. You are The One Who wants to see them overcome. That’s what we petition You today for Father God. We are fasting for addicts of all types to overcome the wiles of the devil, the works of the enemy, the tricks that demons have that try to trip people all over the world to think that they are not good enough to be saved by You or to serve You. Hallelujah

Father God those that are in devilish entrapment’s we release them right now with the power of the Holy Ghost, power in the name of Jesus Christ. By your stripes they’ve been healed, they were healed, they are healed, they always will be healed, but they must believe that they are. They must first believe in Jesus Christ and the works that You did because You want them to be free and to overcome every evil thing. You don’t want anyone to be bound, you want human beings to be free from evil.

We know that we are not perfect but in Christ Jesus we can be. We can be righteous, we can be holy, we can have better personalities, better lives, better health and finances, better relationships, better things to eat, better things to drink, better things to watch and read and listen to. In the name of Jesus I bind every evil entity that is trying to capture God’s people around the world and entice them to remain in sinning situations so that they cannot see themselves free; so they cannot enjoy their lives the way that You, God our father, the Creator made for them to enjoy. satan, you have no power over God’s people or loved ones or family and our friends. We pray for them and we are going to continue to pray for people. Thank you Jesus. We have the Victory. Fill all those spaces the evil ones once took Lord. Fill every one of those spaces in peoples hearts, their minds, their body, their spirits with more of the Holy Ghost. With more of that Heavenly Manual called the Ruach HaKodesh of God, the encyclopedia of heaven. The one Who is full of wisdom, revelation and knowledge. Fill all those spaces with You Holy Spirit of God. Bless each and every person that participated in this Lunch Fast. Bless them, some 30, some 60 and some 100 fold. Hallelujah. Bless their household and family, finances, health, their mind, soul will and emotions, their friends, neighborhoods, jobs, vehicles, anything that pertains to them. We know that you brag on us Father God just like you bragged on Job. Job was a very blessed man and so are we. Bless the air around them. Remove the Prince of the power of the air and all of his evil tactics and fill their atmosphere with your Heavenly Angels Jesus. We thank you for this time Father.

Rev Esther R. Scott
New Birth Ministries and friends,

In Jesus holy name. Amen


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