Good Saturday Morning~ 6/5/21

God Bless your first and last Saturday morning of June 2021. You only get one. Jesus makes your days enjoyable. Trust Him and tell everyone that you know about His goodness. Don’t be afraid to tell the World about how good God’s been to you.

Jesus is called “The Son of God” not because we made up that title but because HE did! We are called “Sons (and Daughters) of The Most High” because God first came up with those descriptions, not man. Jesus was a “Son” before the World was created. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Isn’t that awesome? People forget that God created language and words. What He says … goes. Appreciate being named after God Himself and ride that wave until you put every evil being underneath your feet where they are with your Father, Savior and Comforter, and should be with us as well.

The World is waiting to hear good news. Will you be a deliver of it? Will you make someone smile today? Jesus makes us smile. Be like Jesus.


Rev Essie

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Please enjoy my past sunday’s message “the Seven Churches of Revelation.”


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