Depression, tongues-God’s language, God a Mafia Don?, praise.

Revelation 14

I pray that this Revelation finds you in the very best of health and comfort. It is a blessing knowing that you are a part of God’s Army along with me. Know that you are prayed for daily.

In times like these you are going to no doubt run into days that make you wonder why you even opened your eyes. It’s one of the reasons that Jesus came down off of His High Throne to die on the Cross for you. To save you. He wants to be your savior. The enemy stays busy. Simply put, the enemy stays busy while you are sleeping at night he is trying to see what he can conjure up to destroy you so that when you wake up the following day, your praise and thanks to God will be hindered. The Word of God tells us in so many scriptures to praise the Lord and learn His Word. We are to sing songs to ourselves and hymns. Praise the Lord Hallelujah!

If you do not spend time with God learning His Word, learning to use His Word and repeat His Word just as Jesus did while He was being tempted of satan, depression will enter in and rob you of your Joy. There are so many people who have accepted depression as a part of their lives. And there are some who are getting paid to be depressed. Our government pays them. If you can give your devils a name, the government will pay you for them. Turn to Jesus for healing, (by His stripes we are/were healed), God has a healing for you if you accept it. Why would any government pay people before having them spiritually checked out to make sure that the condition is physical? Yet we claim to be a God-fearing nation. Do you get the feeling that things have changed? When America’s government began to accept all that is abominable to God, that is when our foot was placed on a banana peel and God is not pleased. Continue to pray for this country no matter where you are from and we will pray for you as well. Any country that goes against the will of God in an attempt to do anything except for what God has ordained for them, will sink like the Titanic. Someone was once asked how the Titanic would be and they said, “Even God can’t sink this thing.” Well, it sank. You don’t play with God. And you don’t crack jokes at God’s expense.

When all else is failing you are having a bad day, praise the Lord, pray to Him. Prayer is communication. God hears. Speak in your special language. He has given it to you, speak in tongues. The devil doesn’t know what you are saying. It’s God’s language. That is one thing that satan cannot touch. he can attempt to block our minds in an attempt to keep us from speaking tongues but it’s up to us to maintain our focus. Some people that I’ve met throughout the years seem to have a hard time with tongues. All that you have to do is open up your mouth and speak whatever God sends to you to say. It will sound silly to your carnal mind but it is not meant for your carnal mind to understand it. Just open your mouth and start. Some people click, speak Italian, American Indian, singing American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Tibetan, German, different languages and they have never studied or spoken these languages in their lives. Praise God! Praise Him in the Sanctuary or you can praise Him at home, you can praise Him on a bus or in your car. There are times that I am driving down the road all by myself, praising God and could care less who is watching. Sometimes I take a recorder with me so that I can sing songs that God shows me. Some of them are so beautiful. Amen.

Depression is hard to get rid of on your own without God’s help you won’t get rid of it. That is how satan keeps people down. Your doctor can only treat it the best that he can but he cannot get rid of it. Don’t let the devil steal your joy. It’s negativity in action. Some people don’t even realize that negativity has entered their doors. It comes in and shuts the doors behind itself so that it can take over your life. There are many hallways and doorways, entrances and windows that have opened themselves to depression and sadness. And that is not how God intends for you to live. He didn’t send it. He sent depression to King Saul in the bible because Saul was hard-headed and did whatever he wanted to do. King Saul had what doctors would call today, “Oppositional Defiance.” Saul was the King of a Nation, the King of Israel and would not listen. God is not in the habit of sending everybody depression.

I’ve heard many preachers preach on that. I had a preacher doing bible studies in my apartment building that was telling people that God pushes people down stairs and breaks legs. He had a woman believing that God pushed her golf cart over and broke her legs. I sat there listening to this as long as I could and my blood boiled. I had to tell them, and the preacher that it wasn’t God. Soon the preacher quit and they asked me to do the bible studies which I did. God says that “vengeance is mine” but He is a good and just God, a loving God. The bible says do not mix evil and good. Do not blame good for what bad has done and do not give bad credit for what Good has done. And we still today, continue to do things our way. We mix it all up.

God is enlightenment, wisdom, knowing, all power, happiness and joy. And when I say happiness and joy I do not mean hippie flowers and pink skies. He is more than that. Sometimes you have to beware of those “tree- hugging hippies” that you meet in your life. A lot of them are being influenced by everything but Jesus. If you are being influenced by anything but Jesus you are out of line,you have missed the mark. The Word of God can free you because it is the truth, it is the infallible Word of the Most High God, written by the inspiration of God. Yes written by the hands of man but through the inspiration
of the Holy Spirit of God. What gets me the most is when people say that the Bible was written by men and God didn’t have anything to do with it. What they are saying is that God doesn’t have enough power to give men Holy Spirit inspiration. If God didn’t then every sermon that you’ve ever heard was fake. Every poem was fake. Every honest and pure and true thought that you ever thought was fake. God is Wisdom. Whether the person that carries the wisdom gives God the props for it or not, it came from God.

Whether you are Oral Roberts or Anton Levey, on God’s side or satan’s side, God created everything, it’s all God’s. Right is God’s and wrong is God’s. The wrong is the out of balance part that takes God to make it right. Everything belongs to the Most High. Everything. He even says in Isaiah 45:7 that He created evil and in Is. 54:16 He talks about the Waster which we all know is satan. satan is a waster which is evil and he hates you. You get a second chance through Jesus and satan doesn’t. he automatically goes to Hell. Hows that for a judgement? he automatically goes. Those who choose to go with him are fools without an ounce of wisdom in their bodies. Those are the ones with the low self-esteem who think that they are not good enough to be with God. As much as they may not want to admit it, that’s what it is. They have accepted the worst with low self-esteem and somewhere deep inside, they are disgusted with themselves. If a man offered you a Go-Cart or a Mercedez and told you to drive 1000 miles, would you accept the Go-Cart or would you accept the Mercedez, beautiful, golden-tinted windows, air- conditioning, with gas and a credit card on the front seat. Halleluah. Thank you Jesus. Choose the best. God loves you and wants you to have the best. Always choose the best. Choose Jesus. Thank you Lord. Halleljuah.

Pray for your household and children. Praise ye the Lord. Praise God He loves praise. He loves to be told that you love HIm. He’ll bless you if you love Him and need Him. He loves to hear praise coming from His children. He loves it when you dance. You dancers out there, dance like no one else is watching. He loves it when you praise and pray. He loves it when you play the trumpet and the harp, all instruments. And sing no matter how much you are on key or not. His name is not Simon Cowell. He loves it when you ignore evil. He loves it when you trust Him and remain calm and you are at peace. The enemy’s out there trying to mess us up as much as he can. God told the disciples that if men should pick you up, revile you and persecute you, don’t worry about what you are to say. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. Paul and Silas were all in jail and if you notice there is nowhere in the bible that says that they were concerned about their reputations or what their neighbors thought of it. To this day, Pastors and Preachers and MInisters are still being arrested. When you see it on tv, the enemy cracks up. The enemy totally loves it when it bothers ….. us! The enemy loves it. Recently we had a pastor, Creflo Dollar who had to go to jail for hitting his daughter who should have behaved herself. They put his hands behind his back and took him to jail and cameras were snapping. Unto this day every time you type his name up on the internet they have that same, old picture of Pastor Dollar in what I believe is an orange jail suit. It will be on the internet until Jesus comes back.

The World is waiting for us, the Children of God to make mistakes. The enemy has a plan. Silently waiting. They have concocted things against us that would blow your mind if you found out what it was. You can feel it around you if you have an ounce of discernment. Don’t be one of the ones who blindly stumble through life without feeling things in the spirit. Exercise your spiritual gifts. This has nothing to do with paranoia. You can slice the enemy’s devices with a knife. This is why we have to practice holy living because we could be the only bible that some people read. And when you use God as a reference, people will watch you. You cannot say that you are a man or woman of God and purposely bounce checks, lie and steal off of people regardless of their age or status. You cannot do anything that the World does not thinking that someone is going to call you on it. The World is going to call you on it . They are already upset at you for having the courage to accept God and they didn’t. It causes them to watch you because you are calling yourself a Child of the Most High God. They’re upset with you to start with and you don’t think that they are going to watch you?

Secondly, they want to make sure that you are not better than them. They are going to break their necks to prove that you are not who you say that you are. All these pastors bouncing checks, and having sex and homosexual relationships, cheating on their mates, lying, all these female pastors with their breasts hanging out while preaching, some with see-through clothes on, stunning the men in the congregation. People can see your underclothes through those clothes! Change your clothes! Male pastors with tight pants and boxers, you know that people can see the outline of your body parts, they need to cover that up. Call Steve Harvey if you don’t know how to suit yourself up. All these pastors that have Cadillacs and Lincolns and Mercedez, Jags, and meanwhile the congregation barely has shoes on their feet and their cars are 20 years old, spitting black smoke when they start them up. Pastors, the world sees that, they know you’re phony and God sees it.

The best thing that we can do is to be content with what God has given us. It doesn’t end here. Be content now. Do a little dance. I have a little dance that I do when I go into the bathroom for some odd reason. I just like to praise God there. I am not the best one for rhythm but I do a little dance. I honestly don’t know why. I guess it’s a praise Dance. I thank God for the day and I tell Him that I love HIm. I call it the Essie Dance. Dance for the Lord!

Praise Him, thank Him. Learn to thank HIm. Praise the Lord. satan hates it when you praise God, because he doesn’t. Praise ye the Lord.

Whether in season or out of season, preach His Word even if you are not a preacher. Learn a few scriptures. You can cause somebody to get saved. #end Rev 14

Rev. Esther R. Scott~ Daughter of the King
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