Good Monday Morning! 5/3/21

The best way to be believed is to believe in God’s Word and demonstrate the blessed holy life to those around you. Duplicate Jesus!

Mat 10:1  And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.


A new chapter in our Lord’s ministry opens at this point. As He walked amid the crowded towns and villages of Galilee, His heart was deeply moved. His was the shepherd’s nature, which, ever forgetful of self, expends its all for the flock. Jesus loved the poor people tenderly-those vast multitudes were a scattered, harassed flock. Fainted has the meaning of being cast panting on the ground. It was as though they could not move another step. Let us-like our Master-behold, pity, intercede, do our best to send out laborers, and go ourselves, even to a cross, if only we may save.
Pray for laborers, and you will become a laborer. Begin as a disciple, and you will become an apostle. Our Lord is king, and if He sends, He gives His signet ring of authority. See Mat 28:18. How little did these men dream that their names would be engraved on the foundations of the New Jerusalem, Rev 21:14.

Ref: e-SwordX


Watch my past Sunday Sermon “Do NOT forget God”

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