Good May 1st to you! 2021

God woke us up to a new day and the Sun is shining. Pray for all who are suffering and can’t enjoy it like we do.

Although we woke up and the Sun is shining physically while the Son of God still shines spiritually in our lives, there are those who cannot enjoy it the way that we do. People suffer in various ways around the world. There are some who may not be able to enjoy new days as we do. Let’s pray for them, male and female, any age, any race, any country. Jesus wants everyone to be free. If we cannot pray for our neighbor then they have power over us. If Jesus healed the demoniac we can pray for those who may disagree with us at times.

Thank you Lord for making us free. We are thankful for our freedom in Christ Jesus. We want others to be free along with us. We know that you prepared a wonderful place for us in our future and we are thankful for that as well. Father God shower us with your love. Jesus cover us with your blood. We bind and rebuke each and every evil spirit or curse sent our way by our enemies. We curse every astral projecting witch that comes into our presence unbeknownst. We curse every curse at the route and we send them back 100 fold to the devils camp never to return to us ever again in Jesus name.

We send blessings to the reader and also to the listener of this podcast in Jesus name.


Watch my past Sunday Sermon “Christ’s perfect sacrifice”

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