Walking with the Mayor (dream)

I dreamed last night, a dream that I feel led to post in my blog because many dreams that I have are prophetic. That’s why the devil tries to stop me from deep-sleeping because God speaks to me thorough my dreams.

The “Mayor” or some big representative of the town that I was in was walking with me up a small, grassy hill and we were casually talking. I noticed how we had to dodge the manholes in our paths. The grass was green but there were manholes approximately every 10 feet or so. Some were open, some were closed. I decided to look into one of the manholes and when I did, I remember clearly seeing green walls in this manhole as though it were an opening to a secret cell or a submarine of some sort. It looked as though there was a military type of operation going on. The Mayor said to me, “That’s just the Steel Company.. ” and I can’t remember the name of it. It’s as though it wasn’t God’s time for me to know yet.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I dreamed about standing on a small hill that had various mud paths on it. I stood on the mud to show my friend(s) that I was with that all is well, yet I did not fall.

I pray that this is not a precursor to war of somekind where submarines are definitely used or, if a Steel Company of some sort is not in trouble. I know that in Clairton, Pennsylvania, the Steel Works manufacturing company is under much government scrutiny for air pollution. The air stinks horribly at times. Before they began to get cited and fined, the air quality was horrible daily to the point that you couldn’t keep your screen door open. Many have whole house air especially in the Condo’s. The asthma rate is high in Clairton. Someone did a documentary on the air in Clairton that revealed how many people there have asthma or some type of breathing problem.

Pray for the safety of our country, our people and our purpose here in the United States and that’s hopefully freedom of speech and freedom to live in prosperity and good health.

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