Heaven has no entry fee.

I know that I will not be liked for this one but, it happens. We have to be strong in the Lord to do the work of the Kingdom. With all of the persecution that I’ve been through recently I’d say that I am strong, especially with platforms trying to shut me down however they can. It’s only a sign that I am telling the truth of the Word to people and the devil is mad. I bind everything that tries to bind me, my household, family, friends, health, finances and ministry. In Jesus mighty and powerful name. Here goes:

Be careful listening to these new fandangled preachers who have been to Heaven and received ‘messages’ from God to take back to Earth. 1st of all, why would He trust man over His own Holy Spirit? Doesn’t the Holy Spirit live inside of us? And secondly, God doesn’t charge to see Him. I know that the Word says, “With God all things are possible” but I doubt that it includes paying taxes to hear God. When you purchase one of those “I’ve been to Heaven, come see what God says” books, you literally pay taxes to find out the message! You pay taxes on the books, CD’s and tapes! You pay taxes to “hear from God.” Look, nothing personal and I am not trying to be mean but….read the bible and get your OWN message – for free. I took a few classes from a few of our brother’s and sister’s ministries but they charged for the tools and time, not the Word and their classes are the bomb dot com. It costs a lot for what they do to help us to gain more wisdom. Some ministers mean well, it’s the only way to get their messages out worldwide, ministry “tools” are awesome but charging to hear “special Words” is not godly, it is Earthly, fleshly.

These folks sooner or later lose their regular godly ‘following’ and their numbers may still go up but the ones in the new numbers are the “Simon the Sorceror(s)” who want to purchase the gift of God. ref: Acts 8:9 Folks try to act like they don’t “follow” me (I suppose I am embarassing to them,) but I always end up hearing some type of correction from their sermons, etc. when I step on their toes. As old folks say, “throw a stone in a pack of dogs and the one that gets hit is gonna holler.” If you don’t like this, don’t say anything or people will know that you are one of the dogs that got hit ok? If you are not one of ‘them’ and you agree with this post in some way, don’t be shy, no one is going to hurt you for giving me a thumbs up or encouragement. I really don’t get much of that. Add your own piece in the comments section. I promise, I don’t bite. Have a great day!



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2 thoughts on “Heaven has no entry fee.

  1. I’ve never been to Heaven, and I never seen the face of God, I don’t believe in FAKE images. I’ve received a Word from HOLY SPIRIT many many times but FREELY I HAVE RECIEVED AND FREELY I GIVE. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS FREE AND I DON’T SELL THE GOSPEL. To God Be the Glory Forever & Ever Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜💜💜📖


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