Shakespeare is NOT God’s scribe

Good Day everyone, this is Rev Essie of New Birth Ministries and I am glad that you are listening today. I pray that all is well with you. The warm weather is slowly coming upon us here in Pittsburgh, pa. I will not complain. Plant your seeds folks! Physically and spiritually! Amen. Today the topic is “Shakespeare was NOT God’s scribe.” Get your Swords, a drink and a snack, and maybe a tablet and pen and sit back and I’ll be back to delve into this subject right after we invoke the Holy Spirit.


“Shakespeare was NOT God’s scribe.”

Now although Shakespeare was known for his wondrous writings, he was not what we’d call a Christian Theological, Hermeneutical, Canonical, Rabbinical writer. And neither was his writings reviewed by any Elder Jewish scholars and Rabbi’s way back in 90-96 A.D. as when the Book of Saint John had been written. The carnal mind will do anything to steal the thunder from Jesus. God bless John’s soul who passed on to glory around 95-96 A.D. Anno Domini – Wikipedia › wiki › Anno_Domini

The term anno Domini is Medieval Latin and means “in the year of the Lord” but is often presented using “our Lord” instead of “the Lord”, taken from the full original phrase “anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi”, which translates to “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Why am I talking about Shakespeare you ask? There have been rumors going around for years by people who obviously don’t know God or don’t know any better that, the Bible was written by Shakespeare. They got that idea because the King James Version is written in what is called the Elizabethan language therefore giving credit to the fairy tales of unbelievers. See Job 41:29

Job 41:29 Darts H8455  are counted H2803  as stubble: H7179  he laugheth H7832  at the shaking H7494  of a spear. H3591

Do you see how man in his finite wisdom put the words ‘shake’ and ’spear’ together to get William Shakespear’s last name? You know blasphemy is giving carnality credit for what God has done or insulting God or showing contempt, disrespect or lack of reverence toward Him. When I went into the NEW King James Version and my old Strong’s concordance to look up the word “spear” this is what I found. Spear: javelin, 3591 = keydown = {keedohn} = something to strike with a lance, a spear, a shield and a target. Does that sound like a man’s name? And exactly what is a scribe? Scribe: 1 historical a person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do this before printing was invented. A writer, especially a journalist.  2 historical (also Scribe) an ancient Jewish record-keeper or, later, a professional theologian and jurist.

I. We see and understand that there are many writers of the canonized bible. The Apostle Paul himself wrote more chapters in the New Testament than any other writer of the entire bible. The New Testament was written by mainly those who knew and walked with Jesus. It doesn’t cancel out the Old Testament just because the writers walked with Jesus though because actually every chapter is about Jesus but just doesn’t mention His name. 

Jesus said He didn’t come to get rid of the Law of the Old Testament but to make it better or easier for us to live without the problem of thinking that we’ve always let God down. He stands in the gap for us and presents us as innocent to God. When God will ask at that Great White Throne Judgement in the Book of Revelation, “What do you say about Esther Son?” And Jesus will say, “I have her covered Dad. She’s covered by the Blood.” And God will say, “All is well and good my faithful servant. Enjoy Eternity with us.” Amen!

II. the Bible was written, not by man’s thoughts and ideas but by the Inspiration of God. Let’s look up the word Inspiration.

A. Inspiration: 

1. Job 32:8: Job 32:8  ButH403 there is a spiritH7307 in man:H582 and the inspirationH5397 of the AlmightyH7706 giveth them understanding.H995

2. 2nd Tim 3:16  2Ti 3:16  AllG3956 scriptureG1124 is given by inspiration of God,G2315 andG2532 is profitableG5624 forG4314 doctrine,G1319 forG4314 reproof,G1650 forG4314 correction,G1882 forG4314 instructionG3809 inG1722 righteousness:G1343

2Ti 3:17  ThatG2443 theG3588 manG444 of GodG2316 may beG5600 perfect,G739 throughly furnishedG1822 untoG4314 allG3956 goodG18 works.G2041

3. And 2 Peter 1:21 2Pe 1:20  KnowingG1097 thisG5124 first,G4412 thatG3754 noG3956 G3756 prophecyG4394 of the scriptureG1124 isG1096 of any privateG2398 interpretation.G1955

2Pe 1:21  ForG1063 the prophecyG4394 cameG5342 notG3756 in old timeG4218 by the willG2307 of man:G444 butG235 holyG40 menG444 of GodG2316 spakeG2980 as they were movedG5342 byG5259 the HolyG40 Ghost.G4151  (Inspiration.)

This is why it takes faith in Jesus to believe that His Word is true and was written by those whom He has called throughout the years to write as an example to us in the future. Even then, thousands of years ago, Jesus had us in mind. Aren’t you glad that God gave us an instruction booklet that has already been found tried and true? Anytime that I don’t know how to handle a situation I go to the Book. I’ve notice that when I don’t, I begin to suffer for it. That’s when the complaining comes in and God sits there shaking His head saying, “Esther, I gave you the answer that has been around since the time of Moses.” It seems that nothing turns out right for me either when I just wing it and try to hit a home run without reading the directions first. satan grabs the ball and ruins my play. he’s a thief and he steals all that he can to keep us down and depressed, thinking that God is a liar just like he did with Woman who lost her name and became Eve. he said, “Did God REALLY say that?” The devil called God a liar then and he still is calling him one today. 

1. Did God REALLY call you to minister?

2. Are you REALLY equipped to be a mother or father?

3. Are you sure that job is for you?

4. Does she REALLY love you?

5. No one likes you, they just pretend to.

6. Do you REALLY think that – that infirmity will go away?

Are you saved? Now is the time to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. With all that is going on around the world, you need a friend. Jesus can be that special friend if you allow Him into your life. He is your helper and His Holy Spirit is your Comforter.

If you are not saved, just repeat the Romans Road after me: Say “Jesus, I repent of my sins, I am so sorry Lord. I believe that you died on the cross and rose 3 days later from the dead, just for me and I accept what you have done, I accept you as my Savior. Thank you Jesus, amen.” Now go find a bible believing, Holy Ghost filled church and learn of Him, it’s never too late. Your new life starts now. All old things are gone away. God throws them as far as the East if from the West. Now….go live, laugh and love! 

Num 6:24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

Num 6:25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

Num 6:26 The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Thank you for coming on today and I pray that your week goes by Victoriously! 

Rev Essie signing off! God bless and have a great day!


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