Links for your listening pleasure.


Riding in the 2nd Chariot :

My Angelic Visitation:

Don’t sweat the small stuff ~

James 5 – Outlast your enemy You, Superman and 1 weakness

Love not the World:

Spiritual Renewal

Put on your riot gear:

Repent Church:

My prophecy about the election came true:

Your mind can bleed you to death:

Merry Christmas 2020:

The Lying Spirit pt 1 of 2:

The Lying Spirit pt 2 of 2:

The White Stone:

Be immediate:

Psalm 125 ~ Trust in the Lord:


Anointing Oil Ingredients:

Would you die for Jesus or sell out?:

God says “No fear.”:

Your mind can be the enemy:

I’m just Zayin’:


Psalm 1, Blessed is the man that:

God is still in the healing business:

There is sin in the Camp:

Rev Essie blesses Washington Pa on Courthouse stairs: 

Psalm 119: Mem and Nun:\

Your words are power, use them wisely:

When their armor doesn’t fit:

Tithes revised:

Rest and Schin:

Patience to endure:

Get right or get left:

The letter to the lady:

Remain calm and step out of the vehicle:

Jesus wasn’t eating sushi:

Oppositional defiance angers the Lord:

Are you ready to receive:

Remember the Ancient Paths:

All things are working for your good:

Who’s your Daddy?

Spiritual credentials:

Resurrection Sunday 2020:

Heavenly Reservations:

Christ paid the price:

Unforgiveness is like Cancer:

Zechariah 3:

You are no mistake:

The Green Grass:

No manufactured joy:

Count it all Joy!:


The Crystal River:


What you don’t know about your authority:

Prophets prophecy:

Oikodome’ build the house:

Heart transplant and cellular cleaning:

God is your Mastercard Rep:

Inwardly sad you see:

The Beatitudes:


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