How our ministry is doing during the Pandemic.

My Elders and Covering at Full Gospel Assemblies, Inc. asked today in a USPS letter how we are managing our ministries during this Pandemic. I thought I would share my answer with you readers. I hope that you enjoy it.

Good day to all of my brothers and sisters at Full Gospel Assemblies! God bless you. 
Thank you for this opportunity to share how we all have been carrying on the work of the Kingdom during these times of the Pandemic Crisis. Our story:

Our ministry is called “New Birth Ministries” and has been online since 2006, before any other ministry in our area was knowledgeable of online ministry. Our church flooded in 2003 and again in 2004 (Hurricane Ivan) so I gave it to your ministry – FGAI which helped you all financially. God is good. Many didn’t understand our ministry and some ridiculed and mocked until the pandemic came along and others were forced to do online ministry. 

Our county’s local newspaper was attracted to our boldness to do ministry online, (the Washington Pa. Observer-Reporter) in 2008. See article below. New Birth Ministries, founded 02/14/1992, led by Rev. Esther R. Scott aka “Rev Essie” exists to provide for saints to be encouraged and edified through our articles, videos, radio show and posts, as well as a safe haven for sinners to come and hear the gospel of Jesus in various ways, which will enable them to seek salvation. We saturate the atmosphere with worship and praise to the Lord Jesus, via the internet, radio, television and print. 

Our Website is and we have a You Tube channel as well that features various videos, Christian content and some gardening, cooking and such.

We reach people from all around the world and teach villages of people in India and Africa in the form of email bible study, in hopes to do live bible studies once again via Skype. There are many semi or famous people who were engaged in our ministry at some point of time such as Bishop Dr. C.D. Miller, Ambassador Dr. Kema Kema (Africa,) Cecil Kemp (writer,) Pastor Babu (India,) Adebayo Afolaranmi (Africa,) Bobby Shawn (Singer and friend,) Pastor Ed Popovich (taught and ordained me,) Pastor Daniel Lutz (taught me,) Kevin Williams (Writer,) Willie Brown (ventriloquist on many Television shows and ordained minister,) Rabbi Randy Weiss (Tv Rabbi,) Rockey and Janaya Black (movie makers/directors of which I interviewed on our show once,) Os Hillman, (Well-known Writer for the Kingdom,) Apostle Stacey Woods (You Tube figure,) Apostle Annette M. Carswell (Pittsburgh Author of which I had the pleasure of writing a book with,) Ricco Martello (Pittsburgh photographer for newspapers and tv,) Kent Buckels (Pilot that I moderate our hometown group with,) Pastor Glenn Lovell (Ordained me into his ministry as well once he saw and tested my ministry, the United Christian Faith Ministries of Tennessee,) and many more.

Our morning show “Micromanna – Just a little bit of Word” with Rev Essie airs at 10 a.m. ET every Sunday. Copy or click the following link: And do not forget, if you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial 19178898054. The Word of God coming to you in the comfort of your home.

♨︎ 🎙 🎧📖 ♥️

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