EssieScott.Com Fwd: Amazon to pay $61 million for tapping into tips promised to drivers

So THAT’S why I was ‘gifting’ my entire neighborhood for a while at the end of last year, the driver’s were mad probably.

So this is why people aren’t getting their packages!

Bureau of Consumer Protection. Business Alerts From the Federal Trade Commission
Amazon to pay $61 million for tapping into tips promised to drivers

By Lesley Fair
A lot has been said about changes to the marketplace spurred by the gig economy, but some things remain constant, including established truth-in-advertising principles. Amazon told delivery drivers in its Amazon Flex program – as well as customers who placed orders through services like Prime Now and AmazonFresh – that 100% of tips would go directly to the drivers. But according to an FTC lawsuit, for a period of more than two years, Amazon secretly pocketed over $61 million of those tips. The FTC has announced a proposed settlement that will hold the company to its promises by returning the entire $61.7 million to Amazon Flex drivers.

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