My readers really like my “Good Mornings!”

God bless you all and may He give you 100-fold blessings for reading His Word via my “Good Morning” messages. I’ve actually had people tell me on the phone that they read them daily and that is just awesome. There was a few times that I didn’t know if I should continue them or if anyone was really interested in a repetitious “Good Morning” message but now I know. They are! Due to my stats, people from all over the World like them and I appreciate you!

I try to put God’s Word to a nice picture each day. I’ve been doing this since I first opened my New Birth Ministries Prayer Group on the Yahoo Platform in 2006, and I enjoy it very much. You never know who would need to hear (read) that certain Word for the day. Our prayer group was named “New Birth Intercessors” and I have since changed the name to our ministry’s name.

Once again, thank you for your readership. Make sure to click ‘follow’ and enjoy my other material as well. God bless!

Rev Essie.

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