About speaking in tongues

I just got the thought that it is a shame that in 2020 we are still teaching Christians about speaking in tongues. It’s not hard. It’s actually beautiful. If you haven’t done it yet, just start praying, concentrating on Jesus and when a ‘strange’ word comes out of your mouth, go with it! The Holy Spirit of God is taking over. It’s the Lord’s language. Don’t let your mind “talk” you out of it. Make up a language so-to-speak and the Holy Spirit will take over and correct it HIS way WHILE you are doing so. LET IT FLOW! And get this, while you are allegedly “making up” the language, you are actually using words that God hasn’t shared with mankind yet. The Holy Spirit’s Special Language for you, is in activation. There is nothing that we do righteously that isn’t inspired by the Holy Ghost. And when you think about it, you can’t actually “make up” words. Everything belongs to God! Amen? Did Adam name the animals names that God had not ‘heard of’ before? *Selah

Here’s a spirit that you don’t want:



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