Is this Gog and Magog time?

After this election I believe that countries will begin to come against Israel and all those grafted in. They are trying to close down churches not only in America but all over the world. That was just the beginning.

I believe we are living in the Ezekiel era right now. Read Ezekiel 38 to 39. Gog and Magog will get an evil thought to go up against the land without walls. Israel, who is opening doors for its people from all around the world to come home AND those grafted in. That means you and me.

For years people were concerned about the alleged, “browning of America.” America is browning but not in the way that people thought that it would. It will be the brown people of the anti Christ. The ones who changed God’s name to their own advantage. Those who do not believe that Jesus is God’s son. As I said earlier, anti Christ. Its been slowly happening since 2008. America has lullabied herself with useless entertainment and selfish practices.

The wheat and the tare closely watch one another and its hard to distinguish between the two without God’s discernment. People are reading the word of God less and less making it bad for themselves and their offspring. Preachers are beginning to feel like lot in Sodom and Gomorrah, horribly oppressed. But we shall rise.

But in Ezekiel 38:18, our enemies will see God’s fury. The word says that it is not meant for us to experience God’s wrath. Thats only for the enemy, praise God.

All of the earth will shake at his presence. Mountains will fall with great fire and hailstones. He says that everyone will know that he is God.

Repent and accept Jesus now, on this side of the grave before it is too late.

Rev Essie

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