Sick of the World

Most people don’t do this but I am NOT most people. I fell in love with three prophets lately who work closely together. Tracy Cooke, Rich Vera and W. V. Grant. I love their work for the Kingdom. I love how God uses them. My problem is the devil. I was sitting on the sofa earlier today flipping through You Tube and what did I see? A video about W. V. Grant. Did you ever see something that you wish that you didn’t see? The video that I saw was horrible. It made me sick. It was very accusatory by a television newsperson. There are things that we ALL have done in our past whether we are guilty or innocent that we wish that we could erase from our record. You don’t know what the Prophet has said and done since the accusation. He may have saved thousands of souls since that airing. I choose to believe that he is a wonderful man of God who helps people, MUCH more than the accusers have EVER thought to do for the World. The bible tells us to be careful with God’s anointed and people need to heed that.
Thank God my “bad days” were before the internet. I am purposely posting this picture of me and a friend from when I was the lead singer of a Country Rock band called “Sundown” (of Washington County, Pa. of which I even named the group.) And yes, I am standing at the bottom of my porch holding a Pink Cow. I have never been much of what you’d call a drinker in fact, after I sang in bars in those days, (I was about 19-20) I’d have a row of tequilla and orange juices lined up on the bar as gifts from those who loved hearing me sing. I’d leave them for the band as our Drummer rushed me out of the back door to take me home because I was shy and didn’t really like big crowds. And we sang at a LOT of various venues. We were always on the marquee somewhere. The guys would stay back and party but I didn’t like that stuff. I’d pick up my gifts that people threw at my feet and go home to a coffee and a magazine. This is going to the THE WORST picture that you’ve ever seen of Rev. Essie so enjoy! I know this is odd but I am doing this for all of the Big Mouths who try to dirty preachers names. I am 40 years older now, heavier and grayer and if you get your rocks off sharing my million year old pic….good luck. God bless my Minister Brothers and Sisters. I know this is weird but I don’t care. After all that I’ve been through in my life, it’s hard to embarrass me. There’s a method to my madness. By the Grace of God I now preach His outstanding Word to the World and get souls saved. We never know how many and I don’t care, I’ll just continue to “drink the water of the Word” and speak to people about the Love of Jesus.
And how do they say today?….Now….run tell dat! ~ revessie, Pgh Pa

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