Replacement Blessings

God has what I call “Replacement blessings.” He owns everything therefore, what are we worried about? When you miss one thing, He simply replaces it. It’s His, He loves doing it.
~ Mat 19:26  But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
Mar 10:27  And Jesus looking upon them saith, With menit is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. ~
I once went shopping at Kohl’s on Route 51 in Pittsburgh, Pa., which I love because their products are awesome and you can’t beat their savings. I purchased this beautiful soft shock proof kitchen rug (do we still use that term?) and it was thick and gorgeous. It was $39.99 sliced halfway and they took another amount off that led it to being $17.00. I was sooo geeked that day. I’ll never forget it. While waiting for the taxi to pick me up and bring me home, I laid the bag on the cold outside chair at the neighboring Giant Eagles to keep my bottom warm as I sat, thinking all along not to forget the bag when the taxi came. After getting on the taxi and coming almost half way home, I remembered my bag. It was gone, I had forgotten it. My blessing was gone. There was nothing that the taxi driver could do especially driving one of those big white bus-like taxi’s that rattle at every twist and turn. I wanted to cry. I felt so mad at myself for leaving my blessing at Giant Eagles, yet I attempted to maintain my cool although I was heated inside. That bothered me so badly for days. I called Giant Eagles to see if anyone turned the bag in but of course, no one did. I had literally “gifted” someone with the “gift” that God had given me. That sale was so special and God-like, I knew it was Jesus at work. Maybe it was meant for the person who found it, I don’t know. You never know how God works. Anywhoooo…. weeks? months? later, (I forgot the timing,) I received an email from Kohl’s Department Store that they were having another sale and guess what was on sale? The same type of kitchen mat. Yea, that’s the term, “mat.” lol. Anyway, by the Grace of God I ordered the same type of mat on my Kohl’s charge card, not the same pattern though and the sale came to almost the same price that I got it with earlier. It’s pretty and very thick. I have it in front of my sink and it feels so good on my back when I stand on it. This, my friend, is what I have deemed, “The Replacement Blessing!” I pray that you get replacement blessings for all that you have lost during your travels in this life. In Jesus name, may God replace all that you’ve lost with things that are actually BETTER!


Pittsburgh, Pa. ~

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