Have you ever met an Earthly Angel?

My answer to that question is “yes.” Someone on Facebook this morning asked if we have ever met an earthly angel. Here’s my answer although I do believe that I’ve met them more than these listed occasions. My question to you is “Have you ever met an Earthly Angel?”


Yes. I ran from him in a store but he just kept showing up in every isle. I saw the same man twice with both of my children when they were born. He said that my children were beautiful, and specially sent by God. Another time, I was working as a cashier in a general store in my area and the other workers were stealing. A “policeman” from our town came in and was unusually handsome and pleasant and told me to “get out of here soon because something was about to go down.” I caught one of the workers brothers stealing cartons of cigarettes out of the back of the store so I quit later that week. Weeks later, they were all busted and ended up in the newspaper. They were stealing goods and using the money order money to play lottery. I still have the article after all of these years. Thing is, no one knew the policeman who came to warn me. Our town didn’t have a man by that description and name. #God

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