Dream: Bind the strongman

Last night I had a long dream of a man who entered my home (living/life) and I didn’t want him there. He was tall, sort of olive skinned, had black hair and a cunning smile. If he was a man of color he would be light skinned. If he was a white man he’d be medium to dark skinned like an American Italian. Everywhere my children and I went, he was there. Every apartment that I got or room that I stayed in, he would break in somehow and become a part so-to-speak. I couldn’t stop it from happening. He would friend kids around us and slip into our rooms, bathroom, living room, basement, and talk to me through the walls. I tried everything to get to him and kick him out, I even used my black dog Isis to find him. (Had a black Lab/Boxer mix years ago but she’s long gone now.) She was on his trail but was too friendly to bring him out so I got another black dog, this one was huge and had a lot of muscles like a trained guard dog. He would growl and wasn’t a joke. I wouldn’t want to fight with it that’s for sure. He found the man behind a certain wall in a bedroom but the man slipped by and ended up in another apartment in the building. He was across the hall from me. (High-rise type of building.) The man wasn’t scary just aggravating. It was like he had become an aggravating spirit to me to cause me to get angry when I was just trying to live and enjoy my life. I knew that I would get him, I had that feeling but, at the time of the dream, he just kept slipping away. I even had a few good men friends who were dressed well and were very wise. They favored me and would help me with anything. They were like a type of brotherhood or something. The main one really showed me favor. He would get me anything that I wanted. Even if I made bad decisions, he’d allow me to live it out until the decision didn’t work and I’d apologize. We were getting prepared for a wedding or a social gathering of some sort and they attempted to help me. One man knew exactly how to get him and got very close. He did something and finally trapped the Troll (follower.) I saw a clock in that room, messed up curtains, moved furniture, disarray, but the man was finally trapped and could no longer harass me.

Could this have been because of my Gangstalking post days ago? Maybe satan got mad? GOOD! Let him stay mad, he is not my friend and doesn’t pay my bills, Jehovah Jireh does. I hate satan because he hates God and God’s people. Anything or anyone that/who goes against God is a fool and I have no time for them. Is it a message to me from God that I have ministerial help who will care enough to help me bind the strongman in my life? Possibly. No one is perfect and we all have our idiosyncrasies. My God says that By Jesus stripes we are healed, been healed, it’s always been there. Thank you Jesus. If this dream was for me or someone or, me and someone else, I bind every strongman in our lives in Jesus name. In Jesus name every witchcraft prayer or curse sent our way, I curse them with a curse, I curse them at the root. Amen.

Thanks for reading. I curse anything that tries to come up against you and yours in Jesus mighty name. Don’t be scared, God lives in YOU! Amen? Amen.



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