The wreck dream.

Last night I had a clear dream of a military type of vehicle, like a jeep or Hummer that backed into the left side of a black limousine that I was in with others as well and it pushed us to the right but no one got hurt. I remember seeing the limo being pushed in but it didn’t touch my body before I either woke up or began a new dream.

I like posting dreams because God uses my dreams. He speaks to me, gives me warnings and comforts me in my dreams. I also interpret the dreams of others at times. If I cannot at that time, I will let them know.

Many of my dreams come to fruition or manifestation, that is why I post them. I enjoy using this blog in that way as well. Throughout the years, I’ve seen so many come true and I forgot to or didn’t post it. I am not trying to get credit for anything, I am called to preach and ‘warn’ people and that’s what I do. If something was about to happen to me I would appreciate someone warning me ahead of time.

Years ago, I got a mysterious email that said that my “ship is sinking,” and months later, not long later, my church in little Houston, Pa. flooded from Hurricane Ivan. It hurt us and we had no help. Our church was small and we didn’t have the finances to fix it up so we closed it down, said our goodbyes BUT! continued online like nothing happened and we’ve been online ever since as New Birth Ministries. People laughed and said I was a false prophet, made fun of us, preachers used us as examples in their pulpit as they preached and today, thousands are listening to my sermons all around the world while some of them can’t get 10 at one time to visit their churches IF the church is even still open! See? Don’t poke fun at the little guy on the totem pole because your head just may be too big to stay on top of the pole trying to withstand the storms around you. When you fall, the little guy is still there, hanging on. God is good and I love Him so much, I have a hard time finding the words to describe how I feel. One thing I do know, without God I am nothing.

Have a great day and be careful traveling, AND make sure you have insurance, the devil is busy.


Pittsburgh, Pa.

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