I was with an angel last night.

I remember dreaming about being with an angel last night and it was a wonderful experience. He was a huge black man about the size of one of our largest football players here in America. He had an appearance of Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison (whom I love.) He was on the top of a large ladder and allowed my daughter and I to climb up to where he was bent over holding the ladder steady for us. My daughter was above me and people were beneath me. We climbed so high that I looked to my left and saw a huge city. It was gorgeous. A regular city yes, but it was so large and beautiful to me. I was wowed at what I was seeing! It was outstanding! I remember thinking that it was time for us to go back down. I was so high that I didn’t think that we could possibly go higher. My daughter was enjoying it totally. I wish that I didn’t want to go back down but there was a fear that took over me and I wanted to go back. When we got back down, we were in a large fairgrounds type of building that had a lot of knick knacks, etc in it and they were free. I remember filling my arms so much with games and various knick knacks that they almost fell. I saw one box, picked it up, it was about 8 inches long and had the most beautiful pieces in it. They had a Russian type of decoration like the ones that they use for their “dolls within a doll within a doll” (Kachina?) I forgot the name of them but they are beautiful.

That Angel was so friendly and beautiful to me that I didn’t want to leave. I have been dreaming about being with angels a few times lately. The other night, I was with one and almost woke myself up saying, “Is this real? Am I really with an angel?” I distinctly remember saying that aloud. It was as though I was part dreaming yet partial awake. That angel was a tall white one with a beautiful smile. He took me places as well. He gave me jewels, large, sofa-pillow sized gems. He handed me a beautiful turquoise one that was like a glass pillow which is the best that I could explain to you. It was about 20″ x 20″ with round edges. I remember walking down the stairs carefully as not to drop it or fall and break it. People just kept handing me large jewels, icy colored jewels like the ones that some people buy to decorate their front yards.

I haven’t been getting the best sleep lately due to living in squeezed in apartments and my neighbors can be a bit loud at odd times and it wakes me up. I can’t remember dreams as good as I used to but …. one day!!!! Amen? God will deliver me of the interruptions and send me to my country house that I’ve been wanting so badly. (With a garden and no other ‘windows’ around me, amen?) Amen.

Please keep me in prayer that I will be able to communicate better with the angels that God has been sending me. I am now under Prophet Dr. Tracy Allen Cooke who hears from Angels and calls out addresses, names, Doctors, ailments, etc. I LOVE the man and his ministry. I just received a certificate from his Elisha Training Center and I am sooo glad. I do believe that God is giving me a portion of his anointing of which I am honored and extremely glad. If I can’t help people while I am here, I am living my life in vain.




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