NEVER allow your personal/business links to lapse!

FYI for my business friends:
The picture that I am posting here is proof of what I had been telling a few of you about the struggle that I had when I didn’t renew my link. IT WAS HORRIBLE. NEVER let your link go when it is time to renew because you may never get it back. I went without my link (my OWN NAME) for a couple of years and it hurt. I lost readership, etc over it. A man on GoDaddy told me once that some companies are assigned to buy your link on purpose and attempt to sell it back to you at outrageous prices. In this picture that I just stumbled upon in my email, you will see the price that they wanted to sell it back to me for. I purchased it years ago at $12.99. They wanted me to pay $3,395 to get it back during the auction. Therefore…..please NEVER let your personal links lapse. God bless and have a great day. essie

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