The Tare. 9/2/20

Another good day thank God. I went to the pain clinic and received a really good knee brace. They wanted to give me a back brace, a neck brace and 2 knee braces but I said “no.” I am trusting in our Jesus because by His stripes we’ve BEEN healed. I dont want to walk around looking silly with a body full of braces. I had a rough life but my spirit is rougher.

We had a girl in high school who used to go around with braces all over her body. People always asked what was up with that. Actually I think she was a hypochondriac. She was sweet but complained about her body a lot. Sure enough, fear took her away from us when she was only about 40 years old. Thats what fear does. It not only robs you of your joy, it robs you of your life.

I couldn’t see myself wearing all of that junk. Not only would it be so uncomfortable especially in this #Coronavirus season, but it would look silly. We can’t breathe good as it is. Its not my character. I’m the lady Marine. Girly girl just cant do that. And you have to be careful because some doctors prescribe whatever they can to make a buck. These companies get a portion of what they “sell.” People walk around looking like the Tin Man so doctors can get paid. Jesus is saying, “What about me?”

Tonight, as I lie here in my meditation time, I want to pray for all who read this as it goes to various platforms including my ministry page on Facebook. Father God, strengthen all of your people who are fighting a hard physical battle that just won’t give up. We are standing on your Word that says that by Jesus’s stripes we were healed. The devil keeps trying to tell our minds that we will not be healed but the devil is a liar and he is NOT our Father, YOU are. Stir up your Spirit within us all and beat these diseases out of our systems in Jesus’s name and we command them to not only leave but to take their brothers with them and dry up and die like the fig tree did for Jesus. Oh Father what an awesome testimony for the world to see that believers are getting miraculously healed out of the blue. What a wonderful testiment of the miracle working power of Jesus. Thank you Father and Amen.

If there is anything or anyone who is making your life miserable in some way or they are aiding and abetting your downfall, I bind those “tare” right now in Jesus name. They were sent to be a thorn in your side, and to you ministers out there, they were “sent” to ruin your ministry. Once God takes them or it away, make it your last time ever ‘nesting’ them in any type of way again. Leave the tare alone. Never conform with the enemy. Keep your peace. Fight for it.

I hope you all sleep like babies tonight and that your mind will be at ease so that you can get your proper rest. The devil doesn’t want you to sleep. EVERY time you wake up in the middle of the night is not always God with a message. We have to discern. Sometimes it’s the devil trying to rob you of rest. (Attempting to mess up your next day.)

Thanx for reading and God bless. I will try to put pics of the Pain doctor’s ceiling that I saw today. Cute and quite interesting. 🙂


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