God brought me a mighty long way.

I am lying in my bed at 10:20 pm Est, listening to the sounds of heavy rain. It was sounding so peaceful and relaxing until my mind took me back to when was a young girl in college. I worked with a wonderful man named Frank Piccolo who knew big entertainers like Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. I cooked pizzas in his shop called “Piccolo’s.” He wanted to send me to California to sing with Engleburt Humperdinck but I was afraid to go by myself.

I quit college and worked with Pic until I got so behind on things that I lost my apartment with the hole in the shower where you could see the black basement underneath. It was bad. I lived on Strawberry Lane. I think the entire Lane is gone now. It was bad when I lived there.

There I was, homeless, walking in the rain and sleeping on park benches under cardboard and newspapers. I walked in rains like tonight. They all sound the same to me. The only time I really enjoy rain is when I think about how God kept me in little California. PA. I was a young. 19 years old with a banging figure and a pretty face. Anything could have happened to me. But it didn’t. I walked mainly at night. Yea, I was a Nightwalker. Not in a sexual sense but a Nightwalker none the less. I had no home to go back to. I lived with various families and they didn’t want me to come back.

There was a black guy with the last name of Michaux who used to see me coming past his and his girlfriends apartment and they’d open their door and hand me a bag of food. Ill never forget him. He had a pretty white girlfriend and she would always smile at me.

Here I am today living in a condo, preaching every day with a Sunday Show all about Jesus. Is God good or what? Yes …. He …. Is.

Baruch HaShem. I think I’ll go to sleep now. Thanx for reading and God bless.

Essie Scott

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