A word for you.

Double post since Facebook won’t let people see my forwards from my own Ministry page.

I really didn’t want to post this but I need to in order to ask you for prayer. I’ve seen in the spirit where people have become blood thirsty like those in the old Roman Coliseums. Babies blood is being shed ridiculously so. Children are no longer respected as a true gift from God but people are literally eating their own like they once did in the bible. Babies flesh is being ground up into medicine capsules. Abortion is a spiritual sacrifice to the false god Moloch and people follow those who believe in it like blind sheep. And there are vampires in our leadership both in the flesh and spiritually.
People are heated easily and are growling and ripping at one another for the simplest reasons. Patience has grown so thin that you can actually detect demonic activity within a person’s soul keeping them captive and destroying their peace. It reminds me of how the demons leaped at Jesus when He went to deliver the demoniac of Gadarra.
There are going to be murders in high places just like the attempted one on the Congressman Steve Scalise’s life while at a baseball game for charity. The devil isn’t through. Things will get worse. No one is exempt. Please be careful and pray for protection for your family, friends and leadership in the government and your churches.
People don’t post on social media out of dissatisfaction anymore. They post hate. They kill characters.
Please pray for people to reject all evil activity which is a preface to their future. Jesus is the ONLY answer. Start preaching Jesus to the world more. Embarrass evil before evil embarrasses you.


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