People should mind their own business.

Warning: Venting ahead so please forgive me ahead of time?

There is a new family who moved in my neighborhood June of 2019. I tried to talk nice to them but from the start they complained. The mother complained about my bird feeder in the back, after it had been mysteriously broken and knocked into the garbage can that didn’t have holes in it before. I pleasantly taped it back together and hung it back up since it was new from Amazon. She said they attract rats all while I was trying to introduce myself and have a conversation about the weather. Last year I threw my only bird feeder in the back away. It was a sad day. I’ve been feeding birds for years. Next, my daughter and her friend drove up one day and caught the lady’s “boarder friend” going through our garbage. I caught him before that which makes it twice. I am told that people using drugs are known to hide them in other people’s garbage so there won’t be any evidence if they get busted and also, they can blame you for them and then you are in trouble with the law. Then, months later, they took my parking spot under my kitchen window although they had room for 2-3 on their side. They have more traffic than Grand Central Station, all day and all night. I actually had to cry and pray myself to sleep due to their alcohol and drug activity, screaming and arguing over “bags” and “missing veins”, and the horrible sex activity. Have you even hammered a nail into your wall at 12:00 a.m. so your neighbors would shut up? I have. If you have GarageBand or some program like that, you could hear them getting high and screaming and growling in the background while I am preaching from my living room on Sunday mornings on Blog Talk Radio. (You’re welcome 10 a.m. ET) My daughter and I caught them outside once and the 68 year old mother asked what kind of drugs we were on but when my daughter called me outside, she claimed that she didn’t say that. She talks so fast you can’t get a word in edgewise. I think she thought we’d be new clients. We just can’t be friendly with these people. With prayer and all. They just keep on like the Everready bunny.

My landlord put 3 bricks out back so that they would stop parking on his land…..they moved the bricks and even took one 3 days ago. Oh, excuse me “someone” took one.

As I sat here staring at my little, peaceful front yard, I notice the blackberry bush growing well, standing tall and housing birds. I see my garden with tomatoes and zucchini growing beautifully although one zucchini plant mysteriously died no matter what I did to it. Lastly, I love the two Japanese Bushes surrounding my land and sidewalk. In the next pic, they’ve already been trimmed, and yes, I will paint my porch this year. 🙂

By the grace of God my landlord trims it for free. He has a huge heart. He has a trick for the neighbors next week though. They won’t move or steal this. This was one of those really awesome, quiet neighborhoods with hard-working Steel Mill families until the Mill crashed and older people died or moved on and others moved in who “knew not the Steel Mill” as the bible says that the new King “knew not Joseph.” It’s like some humans, on the outside there is beauty but on the inside there is turmoil. I’ve learned not to let ‘appearances’ fool me. Just because the yard has a flag and some roses doesn’t mean that it’s all roses inside of the home.

As I watched the many birds who LIVE in my bushes, play, eat my berries, and take dirt baths, the thought came to me that with all the stealing and oppression out back….the punchline is that it’s the bushes that harbor my babies. It’s actually more fun sitting here watching them from my living room with the door open, bathing in the dirt, in the sun.

Sometimes when people fight against you it could just be the enemy trying to make your life uncomfortable. A couple of years ago, I snapped the one pic above and wrote “I am at Peace” then ….. the newbies moved in and get this …. from another street in the same neighborhood! Explain that one. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. But I say, “Psalm 92:11.” Stand still and look for the blessings in it. I will continue to keep their souls in prayer though. Many people pick on us but it’s not the people. They just have open doors that the enemy uses to ruin your peace. Everybody can’t run to a cavern like Elijah did ya know?

Every morning when I do my “Toast to God” with my coffee looking out of my window as I glance at the Sun that is so faithful to our Father, there it is, their junked vehicle with the dark windows and grass grown up around it, watching my every move. I partially close my blind for privacy when I bless God and have my Morning Meditation. Now, about this junked vehicle that they’ve had across from my kitchen window since last year. Pray for me…..

God bless and stand the test.

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