Really cool analogy of God’s voice

As I lie in my bed after reading my Bible and sharing scripture on Social media a thought came to me which is so awesome.  Its been almost 90 here in Pittsburgh Pa lately and although I have whole house air, I still keep a teeny fan by my bed. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don’t.

When I lay my head to my pillow the fan actually sounds as though it is saying words. Now don’t think I’m crazy because its actually the sounds of vibration. I can see how some people have fallen for the wiles of the “Prince of the Power of the Air” as the bible calls satan. They are unlearned in the Word.

I just laid here and began to smile thanking God that I’ve spent time with Him and I know His voice. He says “My sheep know my voice.” Yes, I am His and He is mine. HINT: He mainly speaks to our hearts and not so much to our ears!

So fan, do your stuff and cool me off because I’m hot 🔥 on the trail to see Jesus one day.

P.S. Gods voice is prettier anyway. Ok! For the guys….”outstanding” how’s that?

Good 🌃 night and God bless.

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