Be prepared.  Somethings not right.

My protection is in the Lord. One thing I know is that even Moses had a rod on his journeys. People usually carry rods with them on their walks in case rabid animals attempt to attack them. This is my rod. My Glock 40, “Lex.” Times are really getting bad. We are slowly turning into a cashless society and I believe that at first notice, many will not have the knowledge to use crypto. Many will starve. There will be many riots. And if you think that your garden will go untouched, think again. I dont know how true it is but I was told today that 2 quarters equal a dollar either now or soon. I pray that it is just a rumor or thought. #COVID19, #Coronavirus, they are not a joke. Whether a natural occurrence or manmade, people are dying and/or getting horribly ill. Some say its not real but we see Familiar names every day of those who passed or is hospitalized. Some find masks pertinent yet some think its all a farce.

Just stay prayed up and take care of your household. Being a former Marine and a sniper, I have my household covered…do you have yours?

#Glock, #gun, #protection, #wealthtransfer, #cashlesssociety, #change, #bankholiday, #gold, #Coronavirus, #Covid19


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