Black Garlic

I just did something that we all have been told not to do in life. “Never judge a book by its cover.” The lesson can come to us in various ways. Mine was very different today as mine dealt with Giant Eagle’s Black Garlic. My daughter made such a beautiful dinner within this past hour and it was outstanding.  We don’t go out much so good food dishes are our outlet. My friends on #Facebook put up with me with my various dinner pictures so I actually made a food album. 

My daughter made a salad that was really slammin.’ It had the typical lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Emeril 360 Air fried french fries sprinkled within, chicken and Black Garlic.  I remember when we came home from shopping and she showed me the black garlic. I wasn’t with it. I’ve never seen black garlic and told her that I was never going to eat it and she laughed and tried to make me smell it. Niche Nadobre! Anywhooooo….

She made a Black Garlic, apple cider vinegar. Olive Oil, and seasoning dressing, and it was da bomb dot com, I have to admit. It tasted better than Truffle Oil to me. Unless we bought some cheap Truffle Oil 🛢 which could have been what happened a while ago.

Something about this salad made me so comfortable and happy. I just felt happy and pleased. Now some good buttered Italian bread would have finished it but we did good anyways. (Thank you Lord.) For some reason I had the giggles.  Everything was funny like the kids on “Thats 70″s Show” when they sneak and get high in their parents basement. I never liked drugs even in college so that wasn’t it. Honestly it was just a GREAT salad! I was lazy and satisfied. 

God told the Prophet Samuel not to judge David because he was little, cute and ruddy. He told him that He doesnt judge from the outside but to that which is on the inside. Guess who became anointed as Israel’s 2nd king? David. But he kept it to himself as not to disrespect or anger King Saul.

Ok. So I’ve learned a lesson to not judge a garlic by its cover. And I must go to bed soon as I am full, happy and pleasingly plump!

Black Garlic. Try it you might like it. 😉

Quiddity. It is what it is.

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