Little Israel

Ok, so you may have heard me talking about (rather printing about) a cute little boy named Israel. Really he is a little baby but he looks like a cute little man. He is the grandson of one of my Facebook Rabbi friends, Rabbi Randy Weiss with the other being Rabbi Schneider whose ministry calls me once in a while to see if I need prayer. They both have excellent television ministries and I keep them in my prayers.

I fell in love with little Israel as soon as Rabbi Weiss put his picture online and asked for prayer. The little guy wasn’t eating well and had begun to lose weight. When I looked at his picture his beautiful face moved me so strongly. I dont know why. Perhaps it is because he reminds me of my big-eyed grandson Demetrius that I barely get to see. I’ve only seen him about 4 times in the past 7 years. Even debts are normally forgiven after 7 years right?

I placed him in our prayer group on Facebook and donated to his family so that they could get him a toy or something and that is just what they did. I was pleased and almost cried when I saw the picture of him with the toy. But…he still wasn’t smiling. I felt some kind of way about that and prayed more for his healing along with God only knows who else. We can never act as though we are the reason that people get healed. Its God and His wonderful Holy Spirit. I actually have an old friend who does that and it aggravates me to no end but I keep my mouth shut when she does it. Every time God blesses me, she says its because she prayed. *glorysnatcher.

Today I saw a gorgeous picture 📷 of little Israel smiling!!!! He looks good and was cracking up as though his mom and/or dad said something to make him giggle. His mouth was wide open and he had joy on his face.

Now, yes, I’m happy. Just wanted to share a “Little Israel” with ya.

Moral? : Pray for Israel and all those “grafted in.” 😉


Little Israel

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