Stats lie.

For years I was ‘told’ that my stats were low on everything that I ever attempted to do. For a while there, it almost made me quit. I was disgusted, discouraged. I felt that if I wasn’t doing good for God I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing at all. Have you ever felt like that? Useless?

God showed me not to pay any attention to the stats because they lie. The devil plays with things to break hearts and discourage people. It is my duty to let the Children of God know that you cannot depend on what you see in the flesh. You know that you are doing well for the Kingdom of God but to go to World to see ‘how’ you are doing is futile, that is the part that is useless. As a business owner and ministry leader, I can’t help sometimes just to go in and see what these companies ‘say’ that I am doing. Just to see. It’s gotten like a game to me. Well today is my proof. I knew that I would catch it one day and today is the day!

I will show you a picture below of just a few of our callers on Sundays Broadcast. I did not make this list up, it is a real-time, partial screenshot just to use as proof. But in the second picture, look at how many Blog Talk Radio records me as having. The devil is a liar. The “stats” usually show up on the following day in (my) morning time. But watch this….. Child of God, don’t believe their hype! Lol. I think it’s funny that God allowed me to catch that this morning. And of course I am going to share it with you all to spare your feelings and let you know that the devil has been lying to you. Don’t let your heart be troubled my friend. God says that you are doing well! Love you and have a ‘successful’ day!!!!!

Watch this:


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