My daughter, my daughter…Alexi. <3

I rose up too early this morning, around 4 a.m. praying for my friends and loved ones, ministries, etc. and still had to get on my radio show at 10 a.m. which I do every Sunday at 1-917-889-8054 or You are welcome to come listen sometimes or go on now and check out my sermons.

Everything was great until about 1 pm when I felt that maybe I should go upstairs and lie down and finish watching the Wiz with Dianna Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell and I forgot who plays the Lion but he too is good. I had a good time napping on and off as I watched the movie lying in bed. I am not much of a napping person. I always felt confused when I woke up and I never liked that feeling. But! I am getting older now. Lol. It’s the Marine in me I suppose but this Marine stuff is slowly wearing off after all of these years thank God. Girly girl is getting too old to do long hour fire watches in the wee hours of the morning know what I mean?

So, after an hour or so, my daughter knocks on the door and comes into my room softly saying, “Surprise!” She opens the door and hands me ketchup, my glass Contigo bottle of Lipton Peach Tea, a HUGE bag with McDonald’s printed on it and it smelled outstanding. She actually ordered in so we can eat. I guess I was out, and didn’t even know it. I did sleep for minutes at a time while watching the movie.

I invited her to sit on my bed with me and we prayed on the bag, and had a great time watching the rest of The Wiz. THAT was so awesome. It’s not Mother’s Day, no Holiday, it’s not Christmas or Easter or even Thanksgiving…… it was true love. She’s 32 and will ALWAYS be my little “flower” girl. She’s brought me flowers home since she was in grade school where they wanted to jump her to a higher grade but I didn’t let them. My son just turned 28 on the 26th of June and he will always be my baby, my little boy. Through good and bad we will always be a fam and love one another. We disagree at times but we will NEVER hurt one another. I am the Mother yes, but I am NOT Jesus. I am far from perfect. We all accept one another’s imperfections and that’s just cool.

The bible even says, “Come let us reason together” and that’s what the Scott’s do. God is good. And yes, I am totally full.


2 thoughts on “My daughter, my daughter…Alexi. <3

  1. I have told my daughter for years, you will always be my baby whether she likes it or not, LOL ! It’s those little surprises like Lexi waking you with McDonald’s and just chillin and watching a movie together that makes this life’s ups and downs all worth it in the end. To me as I have gotten older, the big things mean little and the little things are huge.


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