You are who you hang around

If you want to be successful in life, you have to watch who you hang around. It’s been said that if you look at 5 of your closest friends, that’s who are within the description of your character. Birds of a feather flock together that’s for sure.

On my Facebook page, I have a “friend” who is a well known Rabbi on television named, Rabbi Randy Weiss from Cross Talk International, ( and every now and then he comes on and gives me edification and encouragement. I think that is so awesome and every day I thank the Lord for sending him. When I see him post on one of my posts, I know that I’ve done well. He’s like the Apostle Paul to me. When he is pleased, I know that I’ve done, written or spoken well. I don’t know if he is watching my Sunday Services on Blog Talk Radio yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s listened to a few. Wondering that keeps me on my toes. When God sends an experienced, loving, good family man or woman into your life, it straightens you up. I have no time for pride, it will only clip my wings and I enjoy flying-in-Jesus. I am so honored that this man is even taking out his time to even watch me online. He doesn’t do it a lot but sometimes he comes in and posts something encouraging on one of my posts. I’ve recently been speaking against politicians who are ‘for’ abortion. I don’t get nasty about it or anything but I do call them out so that my childhood friends, etc can see where they stand. I am not in favor of baby killers leading the country. It’s a sin and many women have apologized about having abortions so why continue in sin in this nation? We need to get back to God in all aspects of our lives. We know some won’t but it wouldn’t hurt to put God first in this country so when others think about coming over, they’ll know who our God is.

The reason that I am writing this is to let the readers know that if you hang around, listen to, or watch those with Wisdom, it will absolutely change your ways and slow you down to a healthy roll. Now that I know that Rabbi Randy Weiss and Rabbi Schneider (also from tv,) watch me online, I deeply contemplate and think twice about posting on certain things with my online presence. My past posts don’t count although they aren’t that bad either. Sooner or late you grow up. Their presence make things better for me. I cannot post the silly non-caring posts that I used to make years ago. Not that they were that bad but God tells us to emit a godliness to others. Now don’t get me wrong, every now and then I see something that will make me laugh or will make others laugh and I post it but trust me, they are not denigrating or ignorant in any way.

The moral to this post: Hang around people who make you a better person. Someone whose presence makes you do better.


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