I Am

Jesus walks with me. Haters don’t matter, for I know Who I AM.
The gossipers and non-believers don’t even make my heart race or my words to stutter. They are evil and I have power to tread on serpents. They are adders looking for someone to bite. It will not be me. They are the ones who have personal matters and it makes them feel better to pick on people. When they attempt to pick on me, or any of God’s children, Jesus sees it and feels it. Then they wonder why their lives are so miserable. Until they repent, their lives will never be free from troubles. 
My words have power. These words can see you, feel you and touch you. As above, so below. God creates and so do we.  
To my enemy: It is best to treat me as nicely as you can before the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords gets vengeance on you for touching His anointed. He knows how much His loved ones can bear and when we tire of the enemy, He steps in and fights whatever is left and wins. 
satan knew who I was even before I knew who I Am. Now I know and I Am sure of Who I belong. Trust me, doubt is forever null and void. 
Jesus walks with me. Haters don’t matter, for I know Who I Am, even before the enemy was.
Rev. Esther R. ScottakaRevEssie

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