Now is the time to display your credentials.

If there ever was a time to reveal who you really are, it would be now. Now is the time to display our Heavenly Credentials folks. Now is the time to come out of our shells and show who we really are in Christ. No more back bending. No more brown nosing.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ….SAY SO! The enemy has been watching us for years. He knows who is strong, weak, mouthy, serious, funny, a pushover, two faced, unbelieving, regretting, and unsure. He knows who he, (the devil and his folks,) can walk all over and who he can’t.  Simply put, he knows who will take the “mark” for a piece of bread. He knows the men who would wear a dress for a check and the women who would dress scantily for attention and money.

Why do you think that the King wanted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They were knowledgeable boys. They didn’t sit around all day playing games and pretending. They didn’t accept his wining and dining. They studied and didn’t let the parents do all of the work. They did their part, and well. The King wanted only the best of the Israelites. Now is the time to gather your thoughts together and see in your spirit man exactly what is going on in this world. All of the unnecessary killings of young black men should alert blacks and whites alike that there is a Brotherhood within the Brotherhood. Those that hate certain races of people have, for years, infiltrated the law and learned how to manipulate and bring fear into people. All while we were watching Hollywood and listening to degrading music, they were gaining strength with a smile. We accepted bad behavior and dogged our women calling them horrible names, hurting their feelings and making them feel bad, we were playing right into the enemies hands.

Spectators at Zoos like when animals swing in the trees and climb upon man-made rocks. Its funny to them. Or when they swim and perform for their children. And the poor animals put on a show, continuing to make people laugh for their food and water. The spectators get so used to laughing that they sometimes forget to keep their babies away from the animal pits. Some of the animals haven’t really become that friendly. Some are inward revolutionists, just waiting for the wrong move. They will tear your playhouse down.

Block the world from your mind and put the REAL KINGDOM first. The Kingdom of God. God is good. He doesn’t dictate and Heaven is so vast that He doesn’t have to “dwindle population” because there isn’t enough room. There is room for everyone. God is not a respector of persons like Satan is. Everybody who chooses Jesus is a winner. Just like some of us, God has a son. What? You can have one but God can’t? Thats selfish.

Don’t get ready, BE ready. Something wicked this way cometh but at the same time, those who are prepared…win.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid.


Pittsburgh Pa.

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