Please stop cussing? Thanx!

This is just a tip for those who are experiencing injustice or the evidence of it every day online, tv, etc. Yes, you may be upset at what is going on around the world but there is one thing that God’s Word reminds us of: Watch your words and emotions. You get more done by speaking (and typing) in a way where others can get the full effect AND be able to share online. You have to remember that all of us don’t curse and would like to share some of your sentiments but your choice of wording stops the message from being shared. Jesus didn’t cuss, Martin Luther King didn’t cuss, and other representatives of all that is “good” didn’t (or shouldn’t) do so either, yet they got a LOT done. I am asking because there are good messages online but they have horrible language attached to them. We get tired of apologizing for the ‘language’ in some of our shares. After a while, it gets old. It may be plain Jane or corny to you but a clean post will go a long way. ijs.
Pro 25:11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.


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