Micromanna w/Guest Speaker Rev. Nichole Darby today at 10 a.m. Et.

Micromanna: “The Word without getting dressed.” we are on Sundays @ 10 a.m. Et 1-917-889-8054 www.blogtalkradio.com/revessie

Allow me to introduce you to our Guest Speaker, Rev. Nichole Darby today on Micromanna. This is not her first time and hopefully it won’t be her last. I will read to you the Woman of God’s Bio:

Reverend Nichole Darby born in 1973, is a proud mother of one son Anthony Darby Jr. She attends First Baptist Church of (Pitgas) Clarksville, PA, where the Pastor is Reverend Dr. James C. Cherry. Nichole is a deeply spiritual woman of God and has learned to rely on him in every aspect of her life.
She currently serves as an Associate Pastor, Youth Minister, Sunday School Teacher, an Administrator, Mime Coordinator and is a VBS teacher at various churches. She has formerly served as a Youth Pastor, and Co-Pastor. After over 25 years of teaching, counseling, and ministering for the Lord, she has begun a visual arts ministry called Truly Praise Ministry. This Ministry complements her love for ASL, singing, dancing and appreciation for all genres of music.
Nichole is a graduate of Washington High School and has also attended California University of PA, CCAC, and Penn State University. As well as, Shiloh Bible Institute of Washington PA, Slidell Baptist Seminary (correspondence) and classes through the AUBA for Evangelism.Her journey in ministry began in 1993 where she was first licensed at the Mt. Zion Baptist church in Washington, PA, where Reverend Ernest Love was the Pastor. From there, she went on to receive an Evangelist Ordination in 1998 from Universal Ministries by Reverend Dr. Petty. In April of 2003, she was licensed as the Youth Pastor New Birth Ministries, Reverend Esther Scott, Pastor, in Houston, PA She was ordained in December of 2009, and became Co-Pastor of
New Birth Ministry with Reverend Esther Scott. The latest leg on her journey led her to be licensed on October 6, 2012 at First Baptist Church of Clarksville, which is a part of the Youghiogheny Western Baptist Association (YWBA) also a part of the PA Baptist State Convention and she was ordained September 20 at First Baptist Clarksville. She is now the founder of Truly Praise Ministry. Her favorite scripture is Isaiah 43 because she knows that no matter where life takes her, God will always be with her. Furthermore, she adamantly believes that those that worship the Lord must worship him in spirit and in truth, John 4:24. Please accept this as an overview, but not an entire representation of Reverend Nichole Darby.
Reverend Nichole DarbyAssociate PastorFirst Baptist Church, Clarksville, PA, 15322

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