God gave me a message last night.

God gave me this message last night that, this is the time where you will be required to experience longsuffering. Some believers are afraid of that word but it behooves us to get used to it and ask the Lord to help us through. It’s time to get off of the milk and start eating the meat of the Word. It’s time to mature in Christ. We can’t say that we “go to church” anymore. God is searching hearts for more than just a “church experience.” Even Pastors today cannot “go to church.” The Brick and Mortar has become non-essential now. We cannot worship our church building and the pastor, the decorations or the size of the building. What is inside of your Building/Temple? How do you look to God?
We are nearing the last days as we know it. Yes, there are trials, tribulations, wars and rumors of wars, tsunami’s, earthquakes in the oddest of places but, the end has not arrived. There is still a stage when our homes will not be safe and we may have to run to the woods or the hills. We haven’t arrived to the point where we are experiencing complete famine to the point where some will sell their souls for food. When the 4th stage comes, our utilities will stop running correctly for us if we will still have them at all. When it begins to look like a Mel Gibson movie or those Apocalypse movies, then, the time has come and we must look to the skies for Jesus’s arrival.
God wants to see who really trusts Him deep down in their heart. Now is the time for complete trust in God.
Another message that I saw in the spirit. We need to start taking Communion as much as possible and not just on the first Sundays like our ‘religions’ have taught us. Communion is a common union (communion) with God. It is described as “The Meal that Heals.” Taking the Sacrament which represents the Blood and Flesh of Jesus Christ, puts healing into your mind and body, it brings Peace to the soul. It is a sign that you believe in what Jesus did for you on the Cross and that you are actually a ‘part’ of His Work. Communion brings on more power of God for within. It is a part of God’s Grace and Mercy. I heard the word, “Concentrate.” Not only is God telling us to focus on Him and His Word but this also means that your Communion, (Common Union) with God must be concentrated, thick, powerful. The more you do it, (not out of meaningful-less rituals, but out of love and Trust in Him,) the more your faith is built up and strengthened. Plainly put, Communion is not just for 1st Sunday.
We are in a stage now where our Pastors cannot do Communion with us as we are used to. And if they do, who would want to drink and eat behind their hands with this #COVID19 #Coronavirus plague or pestilence silently attacking humans? Don’t drink the Kool Aid of the enemy. God put the Blood of the Lamb on the doorposts to “keep His people safe.” He didn’t tell them to run out into the plague did He? (Use Wisdom.) He did not tell Israel, “Oh just go ahead out into it. You’ll be safe!” No, He told them to go in, be safe, and they prayed. And Death passed them by. (Passover.)
Next, begin to plea the blood of Jesus over situations, your homes, your family, your loved ones, your finances, food, jobs, leadership and neighborhoods. Let’s not look down our noses at others but have compassion on them because somewhere, someone is having or has had, compassion on us.
Lastly, forgive. The Lord showed me that there are so many Christians who are still judging one another and they refuse to forgive. We want forgiveness for what we have done to others but do we forgive one another? Don’t be so busy labeling who you think is legitimate and who isn’t, that you miss the mark. This causes divisions, confusion and non-trust. God is not the Author of confusion but we are when we attack one another that way, departmentalizing our brothers and sisters.
Whomever is sinless, cast the first stone.

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