4/18-19/2020 Dream

April 18, 2020

I saw $100 bills in an apartment and there were a lot of them. It was a two room apartment with a balcony and a car service business under the balcony with music playing. An auto service man was walking around the old cars in the lot. A very friendly guy. I told someone the apartment was nice. (They say that in your dreams, most of the time you are with your guardian angel. I always seem to have someone with me.) I told the lady in the apartment that I could see her money sticking out underneath the serving cart (on the second shelf.) She had some in her hands as well. It had to be thousands, it was a lot of money. All $100 bills. I was in a restroom and I had to move somewhere else quickly. I saw myself naked on the “screen” and I was watching. It was a little funny to me. I wasn’t embarrassed though. I dragged a lady in a skinny type wheelchair up a lot of stairs to an alley. My blue 340 Plymouth Duster from college was stolen and I had to walk down the alley to look for it.

April 19, 2020

I dreamed I had favor with Pastor Ed Popovich at Shiloh Bible Institute in Washington Pennsylvania. We came to a huge hill that almost went straight down. I remember thinking that if I feel down there I may die. There was shrubbery and little trees and so forth. The next thing I know I was hanging on by my fingernails because I almost fell down into it. My fingernails actually saved me. I could feel myself holding on desperately and making climbling motions with my feet. I don’t know how I almost feel but I made it back up and Pastor Ed was pleased with my performance. I just remember standing there looking down that steep hill thinking what would be the chances of someone surviving if they fell down there and I almost did.

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