I love Lincolns.

Lincoln’s have spoiled me. 

I’ve had a dark blue Lincoln that I called, ” The Limo” (the kind that you always see on cop movies,) and a Gold one that I called, “Gold Lady” and I loved them both. My next is going to be an MKZ or MKX, hopefully by God’s grace. #Memories Kudos to Joe and Nancy Mastrangelo in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, my hometown. They’ve taken care of my car needs for literally…years. God bless them.
The Blue Lincoln Continental came from Joe and Nancy and about 3 years later, the Gold Lady came from the same people who were selling it for an older lady from my hometown of #Canonsburg, named, Mrs. Colucci (the family of Colucci Transmissions there. And I think Colucci Chevrolet, I am not sure if it is the same fam or not.) I’ve been blessed throughout my years. Unusual things have always happened to me that other people call “blessings” or “good luck.” I choose the word Blessings really. Things don’t happen to me much but when they do they are sock-knocker-offers. (My own term of course.) 😇
I’ve been in need of a car for a couple of years now and being without a vehicle is driving me crazy. I run my Ministry from home, online, and my Avon and my Karatbars business from home but there are times that Uber’s and Lyft’s don’t hit it for me. It’s too expensive and they don’t even help you with your grocery bags when you get out sometimes! And the price that you pay to use their services, you can put that gas into your tank. Right?
You should see the computer that I use. I’ve had a Mac with a Rite Aid fan behind it to keep it cool now for about 5-6 years. And yes, little fans work. I leave it on low and it keeps my computer cool. When I put my computer to sleep I turn the fan off to save electricity. It really works folks. You have to keep a keen eye on it just to make sure that your computer doesn’t wake out of sleep. I turn the computer off when I go to bed at night though. (Smart thinking.) I’ve done work for other people on my computer throughout the years, and my own work as well. God is good. He provides. Jehovah Jireh. I am never without for too long. I trust God.
Anyway, here goes. I am going to post the pics in a Mosaic style. I hope that you all can click on them and see them closer. Not used to Mosaic but here goes, and God bless:

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